Hongyu Hè \ˈho:nˌu hə\ is a master’s student and Direct Doctoral Scholar in Computer Science (CS) at ETH Zurich, where he works with Prof. Gustavo Alonso on FPGAs in the Systems Group. Hongyu is also an Associated Researcher at ETH AI Center. Advised by Prof. Theodoros Rekatsinas, he worked on efficient machine learning systems. Outside ETH, he has also been collaborating with Prof. Christina Delimitrou (MIT) and Dr. Sameh Elnikety (Microsoft) on serverless workflows and Harvest VMs. Before joining ETH, Hongyu studied CS and mathematics at VU and UvA in the Netherlands, where he was led into systems research by Prof. Cristiano Giuffrida and Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum, and achieved the highest grades in their courses. In Amsterdam, Hongyu conducted research on Knowledge Graphs (KG) with Prof. Jacopo Urbani and on datacenter simulation with Prof. Alexandru Iosup. At Elsevier Discovery Lab, he worked with Prof. Michael Cochez as a Research Assistant in 2020 on augmenting KGs with user queries. In 2019, he was ranked as one of the top ten CS students in the Netherlands by the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities.


  • Artifact Evaluation Committee: MLSys ‘23; ` ` MobiSys ‘23; ` ` SOSP ‘23
  • Artifact Evaluation Board: JSys ‘22, ‘23
  • Tutorial Organizer: ASPLOS ‘22

Industry Experience

Please see here for more details about my activities in the industry and academia.

Visual Intelligence Team (AI/ML)
Research Engineer Intern (summer 2023)
Oracle Labs
Serverless Team
Graal Cloud Native Intern (spring 2023, part-time)
Huawei Amsterdam Research Center
Search Team
R&D Intern (2021)
Picnic Technologies
Store Team
Software Developer (2021, part-time)
Software Engineer Intern (2020)


  • [2023 Aug] ML study group @ Apple: “Transformer Architectures of Multimodal Language Models”
  • [2023 Jul] ML study group @ Apple: “Decoding Methods for Language Generation”
  • [2023 Jul] Paper presentation @ HotCarbon ‘23: “EnergAt: Fine-Grained Energy Attribution for Multi-Tenancy”
  • [2023 Jun] ML study group @ Apple: “Perceivers: A Family of Modality-Agnostic Architectures”
  • [2023 May] HLS disucssion @ ETH (EE Dept.): “DASS: Combining Dynamic & Static Scheduling in High-Level Synthesis” (paper review)
  • [2022 Nov] Jargon unpacking @ the University of Zurich: “Unpacking Cloud Computing: A Users’ Point of View”
  • [2022 Oct] Systems seminar @ ETH Zurich: “Multiplying Matrices Without Multiplying” (paper review)
  • [2022 Jul] Invited talk @ ETH Zurich: “Unraveling Scheduling for Serverless”
  • [2022 May] Project report @ ETH Zurich: “Colocating Latency-Sensitive Tasks with Batch Jobs in the Cloud”
  • [2021 Nov] Thesis award pitch @ Amsterdam Data Science: “DVFS Scheduling for Datacenters in Smart Grid”

Open-Source Hacking

What’s More …

I’m crazy about doing all kinds of sports 🏀 🏃 🏓 🏊 🧘 🎳 🏸 ♟️, and I started learning to play the violin when I was eight 🎻.

In May 2023, I ran 10km in 45min in the SoLa relay race as part of the Systems Group @ ETH.
I love my mom more than anything in the world combined ❤️👩!