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This’s also a rolling log in which I list some books recently read (2021) that are right up to my alley.

Bennett, Arnold. Self and self-management: Essays about existing. George H. Doran Company, 1918.

The true stories behind the stories of success shall be the same and might not be as glorious.

Hawking, Stephen. The theory of everything. Jaico Publishing House, 2006.

Well, I’m now under the impression that Computer Science is a pseudoscience :}

Hall, Herbert James. The untroubled mind. Houghton Mifflin, 1915.

How can I live out a life so fully that worries couldn’t sneak in? Perhaps most importantly, what’s my deeper justification and higher pursuit thereof?

Jones, Diana Wynne, John Sessions, and Stella Paskins. Howl’s moving castle. Recorded Books, 2008.

I finally understand why I didn’t quite understand the movie 😅

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